400k – Outlaw – 2017,2019

00Name:   Outlaw 400k  (ACP Brevet / Route #2062)

Note: this ride is not easy, 14,000 feet of vertical;  actual length is 404km.

Brevet Registration


Ride Start: Saturday, Sept 21 at 0600
Ride End:  Sunday,  Sept 22 at 0900
Time Limit: 27 hours

Important Documents: 
Click on map for RWGPS link to download track for GPS
Outlaw 400 2019 cuesheet

Cost: $40.00
Registration:  closes Thursday night, Sept 19

Start/Finish Location:   San Luis Obispo

Why you should ride: 1) Jesse James hideout territory. 2) James Dean Memorial 3) Parkfield, the Earthquake Caital of the World!, and 4) The San Andreas Fault right by your side.

This route is amazing – hundreds of miles of very lightly traveled open roads, mostly up in the north county where cattle ranches reign.   The route heads north out of SLO and immediately passes over Cuesta Grade, and then heads out to the Pozo Saloon, about all that is left of a once thriving western town.  This was one of Jesse James’ haunts.  Then, head along the rollers of winding Park Hill Road to lonely Highway 58, and immediately up 229 through Creston.  You won’t see many cars on 229, and after getting over the crest, its a fun ride down into Creston.  After a quick stop there for provisions, head up Hwy 41 to Shandon for an authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican lunch.

Head down bumpy Shell Creek Road for the best flower displays in the county, and further out lonely Hwy 58.  Finally, you will reach Bitterwater Road, and meet a volunteer with provisions.  Good thing, because now you will follow the San Andreas Fault all the way to Parkfield with almost zero traffic, except for a very short ride along Hwy 41.  Parkfield is the self-proclaimed Earthquake Capital of the World.  Have dinner at the Parkfield Cafe, then cross empty Vineyard Canyon road for a while toward San Miguel and Paso Robles.

Huero Huero Creek Bridge is currently being rebuilt on River Road 2 miles north of Paso Robles.  It’s impassable, there is a detour.  This will take Wellsona Rd, right on Airport Rd, and right on Buena Vista Dr to reach Hwy 41.  This is included in the cuesheet and RWGPS file.

Finally, over Hwy 46 and cruise downhill for 7 miles to Hwy 1, and return to SLO for 252 miles.


The Rose Garden Inn is a great place to stay.   The rooms are large enough that you won’t have to climb over your bike, and beds very comfortable in this older hotel.  Motel 6 South is next door, as is Margie’s Diner. Motel 6 North is across the street. Hampton Inn and a Marriott Courtyard are nearby.

please use Google Group SLORando for general questions or email SLO RBA