Brevet Registration

Online Registration & Payment:  Click the button to complete all the paperwork online through Jotform.   Online payment is handled by Paypal; they accept bank transfers and a variety of debit and credit cards.  You will receive a confirmation email from us and a receipt email from Paypal.

Paying by Check:  There is no “day-of” registration.   If you must pay by check, at least one week before the ride, complete your paperwork online and print the form.  Submit it, but do not complete the Paypal section.  Send your check and form to the address on the form.

Waiver:  You will be signing an electronic waiver which will be sent to you before the ride, if you have not signed by 10PM the evening before the ride you will be considered a DNS.  Please  review the  RUSAWaiver02.02.2022

Refund Policy:  No refunds made for entrants who fail to attend the event (DNS).  Refunds are made to those who communicate prior to the ride close dates as stated below.  Refunds are only processed through Paypal.   You need a Paypal account to receive a refund no matter how you paid.  A $5.00 deduction will be made from your prepaid entry fee, this covers the fees we must pay, and work of tracking and reimbursing you.

  • 100 – 600k events:  Any registered rider MUST SEND AN E-MAIL to the RBA no later than Thursday night  at midnight  before the event when you are not coming in order to receive a refund through Paypal.

Refund requests  go to:  [email protected]