112k – Down to the River – 2017

Name: Down to the River Populaire 112k  (RUSA Populaire/ Route# 2035 )

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Down to the River permanent

Ride Start:  SUNDAY, Feb 19 at 0700
Ride End:  Jan 16 at 1516
Time Limit:  7:25

Worker Ride:  chk w/ RBA
Important Documents:  (draft)    mapfile    cuesheet.xlsx           cuesheet.pdf

Cost: $5 for all riders
Registration:  closes Thursday Feb 16

Start Location:  French Park, SLO
Description:   Great populaire follows some of the path of the SLO 300k!

Santa Maria vegetable fields

Begin at RBA’s home, map above.   Head west and join the 300k route down through Shell Beach and over the Arroyo Grande mesa to Guadalupe.  Then, you will head east to Santa Maria while the 300k continues south.  After crossing the nice northern residential area, you will cross the Santa Maria River Bridge on the special separate bike lane, and return to SLO following a path similar to the 300k, though they won’t be back until nightfall.

please use Google Group SLORando for general questions or email SLO RBA