122k- Not Quite Tepusquet – 2019

Name: Not Quite Tepusquet 122k  (RUSA Populaire/ Route#2365)

2019 Registration

Registered Riders List 

Ride Start:  Saturday, January 19 at 0700
Ride End:  Jan 19 at  at 1508
Time Limit: 8 hours and 8 minutes

Worker Ride:  ask
Important Documents:  DRAFT MAP – ridewithgps

DRAFT:   Not Quite Tepusquet 122k cue sheet   

Cost:   Free  for both RUSA members and non-members
Registration:   closes Jan 17  at midnight

Start Location:   Islay Park, SLO (NOT AT RBA HOUSE)
Description:   Brevet heads south with Tepusquet 200k, but cuts off at Guadalupe to return, using the final 35 miles of the 200k, but a lot earlier than the 200k riders will be there.  Thereby, this is the Not Quite Tepusquet, though most of this route is on the 200k.

Begin in SLO at Islay Park.  parking available. Head south on Orcutt Rd past vineyards, and then toward Arroyo Grande. You will turn onto local favorite Cecchetti & Branch Mill Roads past farms.  In AG, you can see the swinging bridge, and use the nearby restrooms.   Then, on south to Guadalupe and break away from the 200k.

From here, you head east and cross through Santa Maria, skipping Tepusquet.  The route will head north along Bull Canyon Rd, and past Nipomo, before swinging over to the coast and returning through Shell Beach and Squire Canyon.

please use Google Group SLORando for general questions or email SLO RBA