300K – SLO North County

SLO North County 300k  (ACP Brevet / #3121)

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Ride Start: Saturday, March 23 at 06:30
Ride End:  Sunday,  March 24 at 02:30
Time Limit: 20 hours

Moved the start time to 6:30 as the the small descent off Cuesta Grade will be in the daylight and a bit warmer.

Cost: $20.00
Registration: closes Thurs at midnight before ride

Start Location:  New Calle Joaquin Park & Ride Lot between Taco Temple and Hampton Inn

Description: The 300K begins and ends  in San Luis Obispo. This ride shares most of the first 250k with the SLO North County 400k, and the riders will begin together.  You must decide which route you will ride before the ride.  RUSA rules forbid changing routes once you start.

The 300K route crosses town and climbs over Cuesta Grade on the Hwy 101 shoulder, climbing 1200 feet in about 3 miles. We exit 101 and head to Santa Margarita and south east to Pozo looping back up to Creston and then on to Shandon.  The road between Creston and Shandon is very scenic but it’s seen better days so wider tires will make for a better experience.  The next control is in San Miguel, from there you wander a bit west before heading to Paso Robles west side followed by a lovely climb up Peachy Canyon and  finally lead out to Hwy 46, where you climb  part way over the coast range but divert down Old Creek to Morro Bay.   Then straight back to San Luis Obispo via Hwy 1.

Reservations are recommended in this tourist town, you can usually cancel.   It’s a beautiful ride, with about 11,200 vertical feet, about 10k in the first 150 miles.  Garmin files can be downloaded from the map link.

please use Google Group SLORando for general questions or email SLO RBA