2023 Brevets

Brevets Schedule is a mix of RUSA Populaires and ACP Brevets

Brevet Registration               Registered Riders 

Jan 7              102k San Simeon Coastal (RUSA) – Saturday     
Jan 7              200k Morro Bay More Coastal (ACP)- Saturday                           
New Route -Begin at Morro Bay Embarcadero and head north through Cambria to climb a bit of Santa Rosa before continuing on to Ragged Point with it’s priceless ocean views.  You may see zebras in the fields below Hearst Castle. Then ride south with the wind to Morro Bay, with more coastal riding over to  Baywood/Los Osos before looping almost to SLO and back to a Morro Bay finish at the Embarcadero.  The 100k route  shares the first 50km  with the 200k route except it skips the Cambria diversion, the 100k route turns around just north of San Simeon to return directly back to Morro Bay via highway 1.

Jan 8             120k High Mountain  (RUSA Planned )- Sunday
 Begin at Morro Bay Embarcadero and inland through SLO out to one of the charming valleys east of SLO, up High Mountain Rd (no actual mountain) before heading back to Morro Bay to the finish at the Embarcadero.

March 4               200k Morro Bay Almost Tepusquet (ACP)- Saturday  
March 4               300k Morro Bay Tepusquet (ACP)- Saturday  

New Route –  Similar to the traditional winter 300K and last years Southern Canyons but this year we instead of heading all the way down to Buellton we will be heading east from Santa Maria to do the nice Tepusquet Climb that some will be familiar with from a 200k a few years ago.  On the way back we go through Santa Maria, climb up to Lopez Lake Campground before returning through SLO to Morro Bay. The 200k follows the 300k route for the first 93km and which points the rides recombine multiple times with the 200k skipping the Tepusquet and Lopez Lake sections (i.e. climbing)

April 1         300k SLO North County (ACP) – Saturday  

April 1         400k SLO North County(ACP) – Saturday/Sunday

New Route – The 300k & 400k rides share the first 250km.   Head north from SLO over Cuesta Grade Heads up to the northern part of SLO county via Cuesta Grade, visiting many of the small towns to the east (Pozo, Creston, Shandon) before winding through the wine country west of Paso Robles, then out to Cambria on the coast returning through SLO to  see the 5 cities area and Avila Beach before finishing back in  SLO.   The 300k is pretty much the 400k route but goes directly back to Morro Bay via Old Creek and then skips the loop down to the 5 cities and Avila Beach.  

April 22                 400k Pinnacles Traveler V2 – Saturday                                  April 22                 600k Pinnacles Traveler V2 – Saturday/Sunday 
New Route – Similar to the Pinnacles Traveler done in the past but most likely starting from a new location in the south San Jose area and still finishing in Oxnard.  There will be a rider limit for this brevet.  The 400k option will end in Santa Maria  More details soon.

June 17                 Gravel 200k – Saturday
We will be running our first Gravel 200k

June 18                 Gravel 100k – Sunday
We will be running our first Gravel 100k