Local Perms Registration
RUSA Permanents rules, interactive map and more
Perms are only available for current RUSA adult members.
Registration includes your personal info and the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability form.  The AWRL is presented and signed during registration.  If the digital signature does not work for you, then download the form here and submit it.    PermWaiver
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your complete registration info.
  • Your registration is reviewed for completeness and current RUSA status by a real person.
  • Permanent cards are emailed after this review. It may take a day or two.
  • Download your cuesheet and gps files from the routes pages below.

Click on routes for more information.

Route #
Route Name and Starting Location
1842 Hi Mountain Shakedown 109k – San Luis Obispo, CA
1952 Nikki’s Quicky 109k – SLO, CA
2188 Down to the River 112k – SLO, CA to Santa Maria
2057 Topaz Gambler 155k – Mammoth Lakes to Topaz Lake, NV
SLO-Santa Barbara Amtrak Special 201k, CA
1121 SLO Coastal Cruise 200k – SLO to Hearst Castle, CA
724 SLO North Coast Roller 206k – SLO to Ragged Point, CA
737 Big Sur Coast 208k – SLO to Carmel, CA
Big Sur Coast 208k – Carmel to SLO, CA
2486 How Now Brown Klau 112k – San Miguel & Paso Robles