2022 Brevets

Brevets Schedule is a mix of RUSA Populaires and ACP Brevets

Brevet Registration

Registered Riders 

Jan 8              102k San Simeon Coastal (RUSA) – Saturday     
Jan 8              200k Morro Bay Coastal (ACP)- Saturday                                 
Begin at Morro Bay Embarcadero and head north to Ragged Point right away for priceless ocean views.  You may see zebras in the fields below Hearst Castle. Then ride south with the wind to SLO, by way of Green Valley and Old Creek Roads.  After a late lunch, head back to Morro Bay to the finish at the Embaradero.  The 100k route  shares the first 50km  with the 200k route, the 100k route turns around just north of San Simeon to return directly back to Morro Bay via highway 1.

Jan 9             120k High Mountain  (RUSA Planned )- Sunday
New Route – Begin at Morro Bay Embarcadero and inland through SLO out to one of the charming valleys east of SLO, up High Mountain Rd (no actual mountain) before heading back to Morro Bay to the finish at the Embarcadero.

Jan 22             133k Ragged Point Coastal (RUSA Planned )- Saturday
New Route – Begin at the RBA’s house in Morro Bay before heading  up to  Ragged Point passing elephant seals, Hearst Castle and even a lighthouse before turning back south hopefully with a tailwind all the way back to Morro Bay.

Feb 12             151k Huasna & Beaches  (RUSA Planned )- Saturday
New Route – Begin at the RBA’s house in Morro Bay heading up another charming valley to Huasna via SLO and then through Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach and Avila Beach (hence the beaches) and then back through SLO to Morro Bay. 

March 5               200k MB Southern CanyonsX (ACP)- Saturday  
March 5               300k MB Southern CanyonsX (ACP)- Saturday  

New Route – Similar to the traditional winter 300K and last years Southern Canyons but this year planning on doing a criss cross/figure 8.  Begins in Morro Bay heads down to Foxen Canyon via Santa Maria to  Los Olivos,  and then Ballard Canyon to Buellton and then onward to Lompoc and Santa Maria return to Morro Bay via SLO.  The 200k follows the 300k route for the first 103km to Garey and then the last 75km back though Santa Maria/SLO to Morro Bay.

March 26         200k Wine Country (ACP) – Saturday  

March 26         300k Wine Country (ACP) – Saturday  

March 26         400k Wine & Waves(ACP) – Saturday/Sunday

Added a 200k option on this wonderful course, the 300k & 400k rides share the first 280km while the 200k shares the first 150km.  Head north from SLO over Cuesta Grade to San Miguel for early lunch. Then, hit the hills west of Paso Robles and ride the wine country. Climb over Hwy 46 to the coast and up to Ragged Point, and back to SLO for the 300k or if doing the 200k you will only go as far north as Cambria skipping the usual headwinds. If you are riding 400k, then its back out for a loop through Santa Maria. 


April 9                  300k Mostly SLO – Saturday                                                 
April 9                  400k Mostly SLO – Saturday                                                 
April 9                  600k Mostly SLO – Saturday/Sunday                                Added a 300k & 400k option for 2021.  The 600k that starts and finishes in SLO.  Heads up to the northern part of SLO county via Cuesta Grade, visiting many of the small towns to the east before winding through the wine country west of Paso Robles, then out to the visit the elephant seals on the coast returning through SLO to  see the 5 cities area before overnighting in SLO.  The second day has a visit to Montana de Oro state part, the dunes south of Pismo Beach and a trip to the tiny Huasna townsite.  The 400k route is essentially the same as the first day on the 600k with just a little extra to get the distance correct.  The 300k is pretty much the 400k route but skips the ride up north on Highway 1 resulting in less lovely ocean views but probably less headwinds as well.

June 25                  Dart Populaire (120km+) Saturday We will be running our first team event to help folks complete their Rouler award.  

June 26                  102k San Simeon Coastal (RUSA) – Sunday
A repeat of first ride of the year.  A nice journey up the coast and back followed by a refreshment on the Morro Bay Embarcadero.